For most small businesses and start ups moving into their  first office space is an exciting milestone. As it is such a significant step getting it right is important. You need to make sure that your office is one that will support your team and allow you to grow and thrive. If you have out grown your home office or shared space the we have a few tips on what to consider when choosing a new space.

Five Tips for Renting Your First Office Space

Location Location 
Make sure that the office will be close enough for your team members to commute. Also if you expecting clients to visit will they be able to find it easily? Is this new location near to amenities and business services that you use regularly?

What will fit you budget?
Cost is one of the biggest items to consider.  Establish a clear budget sum before you start, so you are clear on what will be affordable. Sticking to the right level will allow your new enterprise to operate comfortably. The reverse is also true, too much and the keeping up with the cost can stunt business growth. You should also be clear as to how long your commitment within the terms of the lease needs to be.

Whats included?
For most properties there are additional costs you should budget for in addition to the actual . These extra expenses can really add up if you didn’t budget for them in your financial planning. These can include items such as energy costs such as gas and electricity, insurance, repairs and maintenance. Check what is included in your lease so you know what is down to you and what is the landlords responsibility. Ask questions and read the small print as clarity will keep a good relationship between you and the building owners.

What will it look like?
Do you know how the space will be delivered to you – some offices don’t always come as the pictures in the adverts. Agree in advance how it will be handed over to you. Will you need improvements like fresh paint or carpeting, or do you need walls and doors moved or added? If so who will be pay for these improvements. You will also need to check if the landlord will allow structural changes.

Select Space That Is A Good Fit
Make sure that you have enough space for all the members of your team to each have adequate work space.  Avoid a work space package that offers too much as you will be paying for rooms or excess floor space that you never use. You should however allow for some growth if business plan will require more staff in the near future. Aside from just desks or cubicles, you’ll need to think about some other spaces that could be useful to your team. Do you need a conference room or a few smaller meeting spaces? Not just inside the building will you need car parking for staff or visitors?

Office Space From Crouchmans Yard

Crouchmans Yard is a business centre in a great Essex location that was created to fit the needs of small firms, start-up businesses or associations. Each office comes ready to go, decorated to a high standard with high tech communications infrastructure for cabling, datacoms, telephones, computers and other systems with broadband web access available. Crouchmans Yard Business Centre also offers free parking for you and your visitors.

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