If you are a small business or start up getting the right office space can be a real growth enabler and is an often under-appreciated factor in business expansion and success.

Work Better In The Right Office Space

Office space can have a big impact how productive you and your employees are on a day-to-day basis. While there is a common belief that working out of an office environment is preferred by workers, a recent survey shows that 59% per cent of UK workers are most productive in a designated office compared to only 30% who were more productive at home and only 5% who were productive in a café environment. Having an office space that helps create a confident and self-motivated workforce is a key asset in enhancing growth.

Getting The Right Office Space Checklist

If you are thinking of getting some office space for your business we have a handy four point check list that will help you decide what will be right for you.

Check The Bottom Line

The starting point is to establish whether or not you are in a strong enough position to make a commitment to a lease. Many businesses find that talking to partners or other small businesses that have recently made the move is very helpful in avoiding any pitfalls.

Calculate the costs

Renting a new office will increase your monthly outgoings. Costs you should consider in addition to the rent will be items such as rates, heating, lighting, insurance, business rates, cleaning also telephone and your internet connection.

Find The Right Location

The ideal situation is to find a convenient location that’s easy to commute to. You should also consider is it a good location for current a future employees. When it comes to selecting the right size of office think ahead – how much might you expect the workforce to grow and what extra space is needed to support that growth.

Office Furnishing And Finishing

Once you’ve got a new office address and communications are in place. You need to ensure the space has all the right fittings and functionality:

  • kitchen and bathroom space for staff and visiting clients.
  • A water dispenser, kettle, fridge and sink area
  • Printer, stationery cupboard and photocopier to bring in.
  • Chairs, desks and meeting space, making sure that you have a few extras.
  • It is also a good time to add the personality of your business everything from branding signage to plants will add a distinctive touches

Crouchmans Yard Can Help

Crouchmans Yard is an Essex business centre designed to fit the needs of small firms, start-up businesses and associations.

Each of our offices comes ready to go, decorated to a high standard with high tech communications infrastructure for cabling, data-coms, telephones, computers and other systems with broadband web access available. Crouchmans Yard Business Centre also offers free parking for you and your visitors.

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