A recent small business owners stress survey has found that many are stressed and tired because of long hours and worries about the future.

This comes from the Small Business Wellbeing report which was produced by Bizdaq to provide an insight into the lives of small business owners. They surveyed over three hundred small business owners to investigate what work life balance is like for hard-working small business owners along with investigating their attitudes towards the future.

Key Findings Small Business Owners Stress Survey

  • There are 4,721,000 small business owners in the UK (including sole traders)
  • Small business owners work thirteen hours a week more than the UK average
  • 1.7 million small business owners are unhappy with their work life balance
  • 1.9 million small business owners say their life is negatively impacted in some way by their business
  • 1.3 million say their health is negatively impacted by their business
  • Over 370,000 small business owners work 60+ hours a week
  • 94,000 small business owners work 80+ hour weeks
  • Over half a million small business owners haven’t been on holiday since they started their business
  • Small business owners in the North East work the most hours in a week
  • Small business owners in the East Midlands work the fewest hours in a week
  • West Midlands small business owners are the happiest with their work-life balance
  • North East small business owners are the least happy with their work-life balance
  • 80% of small business owners aren’t feeling more confident after the referendum


The survey has also identified regional differences – the North has many more unhappy small business owners, with 26% saying they’re unhappy with their work-life balance. This compares to only 14% in the South. This finding is backed up with 22% as many small business owners in the north stating their health is affected by running their business compared to a much smaller percentage 11% in the South.

The fact that so many small business owners are struggling is astonishing and really shows the need for the Government to do more to support the backbone of the British economy. Now more than ever, the UK needs strong small businesses, and without the support they need we could start to see them close down

Sean Mallon, ceo of Bizdaq.